Glynnis Campbell
Glynnis Campbell
Glynnis Campbell

My Champion

Book One: The Knights of de Ware

About the Book

The book that was a double-finalist in the Romance Writers of America Rita Awards!

Sir Duncan de Ware is a sworn champion of the common man and a master of disguise. So when he finds plucky maiden-in-distress Linet de Montfort facing off against a notorious pirate, noble Duncan goes undercover to come to her rescue, despite her insistence that she can take care of herself.

When the pirate abducts her, Duncan and Linet are caught up in a breathless adventure of danger and romance on the high seas. And soon Linet realizes her only hope is to trust her mysterious hero—with her life and her heart.

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“Sparkles with humor, vivid imagery, and charming characters. A delightful book!”

— Katherine Sutcliffe

“Glynnis Campbell is a gifted new voice, and My Champion is a breathtaking story!”

— Tanya Anne Crosby

“From the first vivid word, Glynnis Campbell immerses the reader deep in medieval England, creating characters rich with texture and emotion…vibrant.”

— Amy J. Fetzer

“Ms. Campbell’s debut novel propels readers into the fourteenth century with vivid descriptions and details of the life of the commoner. The nonstop action, strong plot, and fascinating characters draw you deeply into the story. As the first in a trilogy about the de Ware brothers, My Champion will have readers clamoring for more.”

— Romantic Times

“Well-written, with a fine sense of detail, My Champion is a sexy, lighthearted romp of a story.”

— Rexanne Becnel

A Glimpse

Sealed with a kiss…

He lifted one hand to tangle it in her hair.

“Stay away from me, you…you cur!” she cried. “I am a de Mont—“

The beggar’s lips came down on hers before she could finish. His kiss was deep, demanding, and his chin rough and foreign against her cheek. For a moment she was too stunned to resist. Then her head cleared, and she began to struggle in his confining embrace. She tried to scream, but his mouth cut off the sound. This couldn’t be happening, she thought distantly.

Not with a peasant.

Not her first kiss.

She pushed against the firm wall of his chest and tried to twist in his arms, but he held her fast. The kiss seemed to last forever. To her growing dismay, her breath quickened, and her heart began to beat erratically against her throat at the place where his thumb rested. Then, all at once, he pulled back. For one instant, as she looked up into his smoky eyes, he looked as dazed as she felt.

The Details

Published: February 1, 2012
Publisher: Glynnis Campbell
Pages: 404
Formats: EbookPaperback
Translations: GermanItalian
ISBN-10: 1938114302 ISBN-13: 978-1938114304 ASIN: B0074J5CIA
Genres & Tropes
Pirate Romance, Scottish Romance, Historical Romance, Medieval Romance

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My books are also available for purchase in the UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany, and more than 50 other countries.

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