Lords with Swords

Lords with Swords

Books 1-3 of The Knights of de Ware

The Knights of de Ware — three brothers to carry on the rich and powerful de Ware legacy: Duncan the Champion… Holden the Warrior… Garth the Hero…

A spirited young merchant is certain she doesn’t need a hero—until she’s kidnapped by an infamous pirate and must trust a stranger in disguise with her life and her heart.

A bold English knight sent to secure a Scots castle discovers the warrior defending it is a beautiful lass, and her weapon is a double-edged sword aimed at his heart.

Book 3: MY HERO
A damaged knight seeks refuge as a man of the church, but a beautiful healer from his past challenges his vow of silence and reawakens his passions.

Book Details
Three full-length novel originally published by Hachette, Inc.
Revised by the author in 2012
R-rated for sensual passages

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