Native Wolf

Book 2: California Legends

Half-native twin Chase Wolf has returned to the town of Paradise to take revenge on the rancher who enslaved his grandmother and sent his kin to a reservation. But when Claire Parker, the rancher’s beautiful daughter, gets in his way, he ends up taking her hostage instead.

The spirited young lady with a taste for dime novels turns out to be more than he bargains for, especially when she starts getting under his skin. Deciding he hasn’t the will to make her pay for the sins of her father, he vows to give her back.

Intrepid Claire feels like she’s fallen into one of her Wild West adventures. By the time she begins to tame the scowling savage who’s abducted her, she realizes he’s found his way into her heart. Delivering her home is not going to be easy, especially when they’re being pursued by her very determined father and when the last thing she wants to do is leave Chase.

Only the help of Chase’s gunslinger twin and Claire’s knowledge of derring-do can get them out of trouble and turn bitter vengeance into breathtaking romance.

Native Wolf
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