Glynnis Campbell
Glynnis Campbell
Glynnis Campbell

Native Hawk

Book Three: California Legends Trilogy

About the Book

A half-native gambler on the run tangles with a spirited Italian beauty who takes his money and steals his heart, but the scheming young miss can’t resist the handsome gunslinger, even when she learns he’s a wanted man.

When ambitious Catalina di Ferrara turns her back on her noble Italian past to pursue her dream of designing dresses in the wild West, she quickly learns that jobs in high fashion are scarce in the mountain town of Paradise, California. Her determination to succeed, however, earns her a position–in a less-than-upstanding establishment.

For half-native twin Drew Hawk, life means a poker deck, a Colt 45, and the open road, until he crosses the wrong man and has to make a quick getaway. But he doesn’t mind hiding out in Paradise, especially when he takes a gander at the beautiful and spirited Catalina working in the town’s Parlor.

Cat manages to drain the handsome gambler’s funds while never quite delivering the goods. But Drew is captivated by the clever lady, and it takes all of Cat’s willpower to resist the gambling gunslinger’s charm. When the law finally comes for him with guns blazing, will Cat risk it all—her life, her future, and her heart—and prove to be Drew’s Lady Luck?

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What People Are Saying...

“Brilliant romance”

–Tanya Anne Crosby, New York Times Bestseller

A Glimpse

He was staring at her again, making her blush. In the mirror, she saw how he caressed her with his eyes. She could feel the warmth of his gaze. It was doing strange things to her insides.

She gulped. She’d washed her face and brushed her hair. Now all she had left was getting out of her clothes.

“I need to undress now,” she told him. “You must…close your eyes.”


“What?” She blinked.


She wheeled around to him. “But you are causing me…great distress.”


“How can this be good?”

“’Cause you’re causin’ me great distress.”

What did he mean by that?

“Look, Cat,” he told her, “you said no touchin’. Fine. You said no sex. Fine. So I figure I paid twenty dollars to sit in this bed and watch you undress. And that’s what I’m gonna do.”

His smug smile was infuriating. His twinkling eyes made her livid. She hated him for ogling her, even more for being right. He had paid a huge sum, and for what?

But the sight of him reclining in her bed, so self-assured, waiting for her, sent a shiver of apprehension through her. She almost wished she’d brought that bottle of whiskey.

“You scared?” he asked, arching a brow.

That did it. Now she was insulted.

“Scared? Never!”

Catalina—who’d defied her father, the lord of Ferrara, left her homeland on her own, and set out all alone to follow her dreams—wasn’t afraid of anything.

Determined to prove it, she unbuttoned her dress with furious fingers. She yanked the shoulders down and pulled the sleeves off with such force that she almost ripped the seam. She shoved the dress down until it puddled at her feet. Then she stepped out of it, whipped it up in one hand, gave it a good shake, and draped it across her chair.

If she thought that would wipe the grin from his face, she was wrong. If anything, his eyes sparkled with more amusement than before.

With a frustrated growl, she untied her petticoat and stepped out of that too.

Then, before he could make some self-satisfied remark, she turned down the oil lamp until it guttered out.

But the joke was on her, because the storm had cleared and the full moon shone into the room. He could still see every humiliated inch of her. And she could still see the gleam in his eye.

The Details

Published: November 29, 2016
Publisher: Glynnis Campbell
Pages: 308
Formats: EbookPaperback
ISBN-10: 1938114353 ISBN-13: 978-1938114359 ASIN: B01MXESA5H
Genres & Tropes
Native American Romance, Old West Romance, Historical Romance

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