Captive Heart

Book 2: The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch

When Helena of Rivenloch literally steals away her sister’s bridegroom, she commits an act of war. Her victim, however, the charming Colin du Lac, soon teaches her that all’s fair in war…and love.

Helena of Rivenloch has fire in her heart and battle in her blood, and she’s desperate to save her youngest sister from a fate worse than death…marriage. When Helena attempts and fails to slay the bridegroom, she does the next best thing…abducts his right-hand man, the witty and dashing Sir Colin du Lac, and demands her sister as ransom.

But her plans go awry as her captive—amused and enchanted by her wild spirit—becomes a willing participant in her scheme, and Helena soon finds her own heart held hostage.

Captive Heart
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