Glynnis Campbell
Glynnis Campbell
Glynnis Campbell

The Shipwreck

Prequel Novella: The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch

About the Book

A fierce Viking marauder sets out to invade the coast of Scotland, but ends up a lonely castaway at the mercy of an exiled Pictish princess with a grudge against Vikings.

When his wife and children die, Viking marauder Brandr has nothing left to live for, so he sails away on one final voyage. A storm at sea leaves him shipwrecked, alone, and barely alive on a foreign coastline. Along the Pictish shore, Avril, a warrior maid and the victim of a Viking berserker, banished from her ancestral home of Rivenloch to a seaside cottage, dreams of the day she’ll raise her sword, take back the castle that is rightfully hers, and find her half-Viking daughter a proper father.

Discovering a broad-shouldered, fair-haired, broken castaway washed up on her beach among the wreckage of his longship, she takes him captive and binds him in chains. She refuses to be a Viking’s victim again…never imagining that soon her fiercest enemy will earn her trust, invade her heart, and enthrall her senses.

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What People Are Saying...

“Tightly plotted, fast-paced, and with sympathetic, unforgettable characters…this un-put-downable read is one that you’ll savor, and never want to end. I loved it”

— DFC,

“Glynnis Campbell paints a an incredible picture…If you like quick reads with humor and tenderness, I recommend it…The story engages the reader quickly and never let’s go. I read an embarrassing amount of historical romances and this is one of my favorite!”

— latenitereaderVF,

“Great characters, adventure and an engaging story.”

— hrhsophia,

“Great storyline and lots of heart! Brandr is as ferociously delicious as Avril is intriguing, and I adore little kimmie!”

— Jenny, Goodreads

“What is there not to like in this novella?! Handsome cursed Viking. Beautifully flawed Pictish warrior female. And a delightfully, rebellious child.”

— Elisa O,

A Glimpse

He came to invade her land…instead he enthralled her heart

“What do you intend to do with me?” he asked.

“I haven’t decided yet,” she said.

“If you’re going to kill me,” he growled, “get it over with.”

She frowned. Kill him? In cold blood? Obviously, he knew nothing about chivalry. She straightened with pride, planting the poker between her feet like a blade. “I can’t do that. Unlike you, my sense of honor prevents me from slaying unarmed men.”

He lifted a brow in mockery. “Give me a blade then,” he suggested.

Avril gave him a sardonic smirk. She wasn’t so foolhardy as to think she could easily triumph over a gargantuan Northman. But she didn’t appreciate his insulting attitude. “I may be honorable, but I’m not soft in the head.”

He half-smiled. “You look soft to me.”

Her composure slipped, but only for an instant. “I assure you, you wouldn’t be the first man I sent limping from the field of battle.”

His eyes narrowed suggestively. “And you wouldn’t be the first woman I laid out flat on her back.”

The Details

Published: January 8, 2013
Publisher: Glynnis Campbell
Pages: 178
Formats: EbookPaperback
Translations: GermanItalian
ISBN-10: 1938114272 ISBN-13: 978-1938114274 ASIN: B00AYO3W2K
Genres & Tropes
Viking Romance, Scottish Romance, Historical Romance, Medieval Romance

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