Glynnis Campbell
Glynnis Campbell
Glynnis Campbell

Passion’s Exile

Book Two: Medieval Outlaws

About the Book

In this “Canterbury Tales” set in Scotland, runaway bride Lady Rosamund of Averleigh joins a pilgrimage and flies straight into the arms of a dark and mysterious mercenary who goes by the name of Blade.

Haunted by an unforgivable crime, the once noble swordsman, Sir Pierce of Mirkhaugh, now wanders Scotland as the sword-for-hire known as Blade. His latest mission—to unmask two assassins among the pilgrims bound for St. Andrews—goes awry when spirited Rosamund of Averleigh joins the entourage, tempting Blade from his solitude and making him believe in redemption.

What he doesn’t know is that Rose is fleeing for her life. With an abusive bridegroom tracking her, her only hope is to seek refuge as a nun…until she meets Blade, who awakens her passions and destroys her best-laid plans.

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What People Are Saying...

“Glynnis Campbell is a gifted new voice.”

— Tanya Anne Crosby

“Ms. Campbell keeps readers glued to the pages.”

— Romance Reviews Today

“A wonderful medieval voice and a great flair for the dramatic.”

— Romance Readers at Heart

“Glynnis Campbell entertains her audience.”

— Harriet Klausner

“A fresh, exciting voice who knows how to stir a reader’s blood.”

— Romantic Times BOOKClub

“Glynnis Campbell, a born storyteller.”

— Romance Authors & Readers

A Glimpse...

A Taste of Danger…

“Kiss me!” Rose clapped her fingers over her mouth. She hadn’t meant to blurt it out like that. “That is, Sir Blade,” she said, “Would ye do me the honor o’ grantin’ me a kiss?”

“Nae.” The word was cold, hard, final. “I won’t be used in such a manner.”

She gulped. “I meant no offense,” she whispered. “‘Tis only that I’ve never had a kiss, not a proper one.”

Blade’s voice was a low growl. ” Do ye expect a disgraced felon to give ye a proper kiss?”

His words dizzied her. But Rose wasn’t afraid. He wouldn’t hurt her. She knew he wouldn’t. “Aye.”

The hands that seized her jaw weren’t gentle. They were demanding. His harsh stubble scraped across her cheek without a care for her delicate skin. And his mouth… His mouth consumed her like liquid fire.

She should have detested his touch. ‘Twas rough and brutal and shocking. She should have fought her way free, wiped his cruel kiss from her mouth.

But she didn’t want to.

The Details

Published: January 25, 2012
Publisher: Glynnis Campbell
Pages: 306
Formats: EbookPaperback
Translations: Italian
ISBN-10: 193811437X ISBN-13: 978-1938114373 ASIN: B00726SYAS
Genres & Tropes
Medieval Romance, Scottish Romance, Historical Romance

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